Zessn Disclosure Statement

authorship:  all posts are written by me unless stated otherwise; images and other referenced content are fully sourced with permission where possible.

conversation: ideally, zessn becomes more of a forum than a blog. Of course, architects can comment if they must, but what I really want to hear are the voices of real people.  I will respond to all comments, though I reserve the right to bleep nasty behavior, in part or in full.  Please be so kind as to consider phrasing all insults in Shakespearean English.

affiliate links: all links are provided for further information on topic.  Some links may lead to opportunities to purchase books or other materials for this purpose.  Where free-source material is legally available, those links are given preference.

disclosure: all product, book or other reviews are provided without respect for compensation.  I read what I want to read, and either purchase my own materials (often 2nd hand) or check them out from my local library.  If there comes a time when I am sent items for review, this will be explicitly stated in the review (when my honest opinion will be given).  That said, I typically don’t spend much time on items that are not up to snuff, so most of my reviews just end up being positive. Full disclosure: current level of compensation from zessn.com since inception: $0.

clarity: all posts are up for debate.  I don’t pretend to have any answers, only discoveries, questions and quite a few crazy theories which will fall somewhere on the spectrum between coherence and absurdity. Welcome to my world. 


It's somewhat ambiguous, but the definition of affordability has to be related to income, right? Income as well as other debt & ob...