Legos for Kids

I love Legos.  I'm not sure if I love them more than my kids love them, but they are SO much cooler than when I was kid, when all Legos were bricks.  You had to imagine curves and elements like windows, stairs, roofing, etc.  And people or animals?  Forget about it.

These days, the entry price is pretty steep, but the sets are unbelievable.  And after the first week or so of acquiring a new set, it's like medieval Rome around here.  They're scavenging/salvaging bricks off the set to create something entirely new... or building on top of the ruins.

Some of my favorites the kids have are the Hobbit House and the Rancor Pit (from Return of the Jedi).

Legos for Architects

You may not be aware, unless you troll toy stores aimlessly from time to time, that Lego is currently making some awesome architectural sets.  My favorite is the Imperial Hotel.  But there are a whole series of phallics (here are just a few):

My Favorite Group

LEGO Architecture Fallingwater (21005)
LEGO Architecture: Villa Savoye 21014
LEGO Sydney Opera House
LEGO Architecture Farnsworth House 21009
LEGO Architecture Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (21004)
LEGO Architecture Imperial Hotel 21017
LEGO Architecture Robie House 21010

There's even a set to help with the architectural design process:

Okay, so.  What else?

Well, to be honest, there isn't much else.  You got your 3D puzzles, block sets (though it looks like Archiblocks went out of business; that's a shame.. they had a beautiful product) and basic flat puzzles for familiarity with the more popular buildings.  There are a few magnet products and coloring books.
But nothing very inspiring on the commercial front.


There is this gorgeous blog that I've been reading for some time, Architectural Toys.  Many of the posts are more about the idea of toys, or what happens when famous architects get their hands on designing custom toys, like this dollhouse competition for charity.  There are also some fascinating posts on how architects use toys & models to design.



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