History of the Home

I watched a great BBC documentary on YouTube called History of the Home, based on a book by the eminent & witty curator/hostess Dr. Lucy Worsley, "If Walls Could Talk: An Intimate History of the Home.”

There are four episodes, one each on the

The program's breadth is from medieval times to the present and secondary topics included the changing roles of women, pre-industrial housekeeping & hygiene methods, the results of various taxes on what homes looked like… wow, I am making this seem very dry.  It’s actually highly entertaining!

Another History

I then watched another on women called Harlots, Housewives & Heroines (Restoration Period) that's really good, too.  I'm enjoying the segment called "at home" better than the one called "at court," because the court ladies were salacious!
She's witty, hip, is great on camera, and can breathe life into historical subjects.  Well done.

this one is on the Tsars