I want to have my cake and eat it too.  Been fascinated lately by lots of things that are supposedly "either/or" when they can be "both/and."

Things I want:

  • medicine that is both holistic and scientific;
  • spirituality that is both inward and outward;
  • an identity that is both Mommy and Ally;
  • nature that is both protected and accessible; and
  • architecture that is both tasteful and charming.

That last one came from perusing architecture-themed posts on Pinterest.

The architectural posts on Pinterest don't really cover the gamut, but there are definitely lots of posts that are in the vein of high taste and plenty of other posts that could best be categorized as charming.  There are also plenty that can most easily be categorized as boring, but we don't need to talk about those today.

a selection of images from Pinterest when I searched the term "charming"

a selection of tasteful design pinned from

It is my considered opinion from my very own objective 100% scientific poll that folks want BOTH architecture of high taste AND architecture that is charming, but they are seemingly impossible to marry to one another.

The Futility of the Case:

Good taste is generally purchased, while charm is typically home grown.

Good taste tends to minimize sentiment; charm tends toward excessive sentiment.

Good taste is largely the realm of old money.  Charm is the province of a comfortable middle class.

Good taste is often accomplished with professional assistance.  Charm can be easily ruined by professionals.

Good taste is BEAUTIFUL on many levels, and charm is COMFORTABLE on many levels.


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