If I want to buy a car, I am at least allowed a test drive. 

If I am going to rent an apartment in an unfamiliar city, it behooves me to negotiate a week or more on a trial basis to discover things like noisy trash pickup at 4am. 

" house walkthrough" courtesy of  techfun
But, if I buy a house, I get to walk through once or twice, get an inspector to tell me if it’s going to fall down or not, and then I must decide.  
The arduous process of ownership transfer begins. No test drive. No invitation to sleep over or even bake some cookies to see if the oven works. 
The biggest purchase most people ever make, and it’s made on a walkthrough and some faith. But at least you get the walkthrough! 

Typical Architectural Process

Architects expect their clients to hire them on faith alone. (and not faith in Jesus!)

Faith in:
  • the architect’s and contractor's portfolios of previous projects
  • their own ability to read & understand plans, sections, elevations, renderings & specifications
  • the general- & sub-contractors' ability & desire to read, understand & follow the same
  • the building looking like it was pictured and feeling like it was hoped
  • etc. etc.
Ain't nobody got that much faith.

The Logical Test

  The opposite of FAITH is DOUBT.
  DOUBT + spending lots of money = STRESS.
  STRESS leads to an early DEATH.
  ARCHITECTURE, practiced in the typical way, leads to DEATH.


p.s. I suppose, practiced in an atypical way, it can also lead to death, as illustrated below.  Happy Halloween!

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